Idaho Transportation Department

Syringa is an outstanding company, capable of meeting the needs of the Idaho Transportation Department now and for the foreseeable future. With their client oriented approach and technical knowledge, Syringa has become a valued member of the ITD team. Syringa provides established infrastructure and engineering expertise allowing us to develop cost effective solutions tailored to OUR requirements, instead of forcing us to buy packages of capability and options we don’t need. Solutions that can be implemented in our most remote locations as effectively as in downtown Boise. Jeff Morris is the key to our relationship with Syringa. Jeff and his team have saved us time and resource, working with each of the service providers to ensure we have the best, most reliable service. Syringa has far exceeded our expectations when it comes to customer service, technical solutions, cost effectiveness, and flexibility. Their personal and professional dedication to the emerging Idaho Transportation Department mission is directly responsible for improved telecommunications for the citizens of Idaho.

Kathryn Romano, Infrastructure and Operations Manager, Enterprise Services Technology, Idaho Transportation Department


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